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GE Lunar DPX Duo Bone Densitometer

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We Sell GE Lunar DPX Duo Bone Densitometer

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$16,500 tax incl.

$16,500 per Unit

GE Lunar DPX Duo

GE Lunar DPX Duo Bone Densitometer


The DPX Duo bone densitometer can be added to any office with zero net change in available square footage. When not in use for bone densitometry studies, it can double as an examination table for regular patient visits. The DPX Duo’s compact footprint fits in almost any room.

The DPX Duo’s low precision error is key for detecting early bone changes in your patients. The DPX Duo delivers reliable bone mineral density measurements and enables physicians to make sound patient care decisions. Best of all, it brings bone densitometry to where the patients are – your office.

Patient scanning is quick and automated with SmartScan. This unique measurement technique automatically adjusts the scan path real-time during the examination.


OneScan automatically combines scans of the spine and hip into one exam; both scans are acquired in one process and evaluated in one analysis.


The optional DualFemur feature automatically measures both the left and right femurs in one fast scan. DualFemur improves accuracy by identifying the femur with the lowest density. The 30%1 improvement in precision seen with the combined L/R BMD enhances the ability to monitor response to therapy at this critical fracture site.


The Lunar DPX Duo patient report combines key diagnostic results. It prominently displays T-scores along with fracture risk assessment graphs based on the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria for diagnosing osteoporosis. This makes result interpretation and fracture risk assessment seamless.

Standard Configuration with all services included:
  • Freight included!
  • Installation included!
  • Training included!
  • One year warranty included!
  • Latest software!

Remanufacturing Process
The equipment is completely remanufactured this includes the following:

  • Detailed cleaning inside and out (system & cart).
  • Replace any worn or malfunctioning components.
  • Calumniator tracks are inspected cleaned or replaced.
  • All electrical components are checked for ohm resistance repaired or replaced.
  • Reload x-ray source: For long life and durability.
  • Replace computer: Upgrade software to latest version of manufacturer for that model number replace hard drive, memory, CPU, mother board, power supply are replaced.
  • Painting: Any panel that is dented or scraped is repaired and repainted.
  • Replacing lettering: Replaced with new.
  • Replace table pad.
  • New printer.
  • New 17" flat screen monitor.
  • Test all components.
  • Run multiple: 48 hrs. of QA’s prior to shipping.
  • Final cleaning.
  • Completely bubble wrap entire system to prevent damage.
  • Delivery, Installation, Training Procedure


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