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Doctor Smile Wiser Dental Surgical Laser

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We Sell Doctor Smile Wiser Dental Surgical Laser

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Doctor Smile Wiser

Doctor Smile Wiser Dental Surgical Laser


Doctor Smile Wiser Dental Surgery Laser / Dental Biostimulation

The benefits of Wiser can’t be ignored compared to traditional techniques. Wiser is so gentle that the use of anesthetics is not always necessary. Think of children and the most difficult patients: here is the real revolution!

Laser Assisted Protocol
A tutorial will guide you step by step with all necessary actions to guaranteed the success of any operation. The interface suggests power, time and specific tip to use.

Quick mode
Pre-set programs allow fast use with the best golden standard protocols. This mode is designed for faster and simpler use of the laser in most common daily treatments.

Advanced mode
Wider, broader and more specific fields of application are for each treatment. This mode allows the customization of any parameter of the laser emission.


Model                    : Doctor Smile Wiser
Code                      : LA8D0 001.3
Wavelength            : 980 nm
Max Power             : 16 W
Pulse mode            : Continuous or pulsed, super-pulsed
Frequency              : Up to 25 kHz
Size (WxHxD)         : 161x208x176 mm
Weight                   : 1,85 kg
Medical/Laser class : II B / 4

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