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SoproCARE Intra-Oral Camera

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Acteon SoproCARE

The SOPROCARE concept was made to aid the dental professional in prophylaxis as well as periodontal treatment. The camera makes use of unique fluorescence technology to provide illumination to the dental tissue and reveal caries in CARIO mode and old dental plaque in PERIO mode.

Moreover, SOPROCARE is the very first product to show gingival inflammation in PERIO mode. When in Daylight mode, it can be utilized as a camera, giving all necessary tools to do a complete and time-efficient oral exam.

The dentist can now perform complete prophylactic treatment with the use of a single device.


* High sensitivity CCD 1/4"
* Resolution: (752 x 582) PAL ; (768 x 494) NTSC
* Definition: 470 lines
* Sensitivity: 2 lux
* Lighting: seven LEDs
* Adjustment: four preset positions (Extra-oral, Intra-oral, CARE, Macro)
* 3 positions: PERIO mode, CARIO mode and DAYLIGHT mode
* Non-inverted image
* Image capture through SoproTouch or footswitch (optional)
* Angle of view: 70°
* Cable length: 2.5m
* Handpiece dimensions: L : 200 ; W : 28 ; H : 24mm
* Usable part dimensions: W : 14.4 x d : 8mm
* Handpiece weight: 78g

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