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Bovie A3350 Aaron Electrosurgical Unit

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We Sell Brand New Bovie A3350 Aaron Electrosurgical Unit

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$3,200 tax incl.

$3,200 per Unit

Bovie A3350

Bovie A3350 Aaron Electrosurgical Unit


OR Electrosurgical Generator

  • Designed in conjunction with OR clinicians to provide safe, user-friendly generator
  • 13 modes including multiple cut, coagulation, blend, and bipolar options (see below)
  • Up to 300 watts of power
  • Last used power and mode recall
  • Allows for 10 presets and 6 bipolar output preferences
  • Fast Digital Feedback System (FDFS) detects tissue density changes and adjusts output power
  • Incorporated return electrode sensing and contact quality monitoring system
  • User-friendly digital interface
  • Membrane switch feature selection
  • Three front panel accessory connections
  • Two rear panel footswitch connections
  • Isolated RF output minimizes the potential of alternate site burns
  • Self diagnostics continually monitor the unit to ensure proper performance
  • Hospital-grade power cord included
  • Ideal for use in general, gynecologic, orthopedic, ENT and urological procedures
  • Also ideal for veterinary OR applications
  • Proudly made in the USA

A3350 Cut Modes

  • Three cut modes: Cut I, Cut II, and Blended Cut
  • Cut I for general procedures on a wide range of tissue with minimal hemostasis
  • Cut II for laparoscopic procedures with precisely managed energy and limited output
  • Four Blend levels to customize amount of hemostasis and cut

A3350 Coagulate Modes

  • Three Coag modes: Pinpoint, Spray, and Gentle
  • Pinpoint for general coagulation with rapid desiccation and minimal damage
  • Spray for use in highly vascular or large surface areas
  • Gentle offers concentrated coagulation

A3350 Bipolar Modes

  • Four Bipolar modes: Standard, Macro, Micro, and Bovie® Bipolar (BBp)
  • Bovie® Bipolar is exclusive to the OR PRO 300
  • BBp pulsing bipolar coagulation for quick and powerful coagulation of tissue
  • Standard gently coagulates tissue for minimal damage
  • Macro has intense output for aggressive coagulation with cut-like effects
  • Micro offers fine coagulation for gentle and precise applications
  • Auto Bipolar technology automatically activates, coagulates, and deactivates
  • Auto Bipolar compatible with Standard, Micro, and Macro bipolar modes


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