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CIRCON ACMI F3G Bronchoscope Intubation Scope

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We Sell CIRCON ACMI F3G Bronchoscope Intubation Scope

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CIRCON ACMI F3G Bronchoscope Intubation Scope


The Perkins Hand Held Tonometer has been established as the world standard in hand held tonometers for over 20 years!

  • Portability
    The Perkins Hand Held Tonometer is supplied in a compact case which is ideal for domicillary visits.
  • Primary Choice
    The Perkins Hand Held Tonometer can be used where other types of tonometers cannot! Postoperative and bedridden patients in particular are difficult to examine by traditional or non-contact methods and so the Perkins is a primary choice of instrumentation for many people.
  • Improved illumination
    Twin lamps provide fluorescence which greatly enhance the familiar "semicircles" and make operation of the instrument that much easier.
  • Versatility
    Precision counter balanced movements allow readings to be taken with the patient in any position and without affecting the accuracy.
  • Accuracy
    A redesigned operating mechanism increases sensitivity and every instrument is supplied with a signed and dated Certificate of Accuracy.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Spares and accessories are supplied as standard and the battery handle detaches easily for quick installation of removal of batteries. Four AA size batteries may be used. Polarity is clearly marked on the bottom of the battery handle.


  • Recharger

A rechargeable battery handle is interchangeable with the standard handle and can be left to charge overnight in a custom designed recharging unit.


The Perkins Examination Telescope (P.E.T.) Allows magnified viewing of the fluorescein "semicircles" at arms length - making examinations easier for both you and the patient.

It also allows two people to view simultaneously and is an excellent teaching aid.

If you already use a Perkins the P.E.T. is fully compatible and mounts easily into the existing aperture.

Disposable Prism

The Tonosafe assures you can have the confidence of using a sterile disposable prism for each patient



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