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Braun Thermoscan Digital Ear Thermometer

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We Sell New Braun Thermoscan Digital Ear Thermometer

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Braun Thermoscan

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Braun Thermoscan Digital Ear Thermometer

The Braun Thermoscan Digital Ear Thermometer IRT 4020 offers you:

    • Professional accuracy
    • More accurate: ExacTemp technology with unique pre-warmed tip
    • Smarter: guidance system for correct positioning
    • Easy to use
    • Memory recall function
    • Gentle & comfortable – flexible tip
    • Fast - measurement in 1 secon
    • Market leader: No. 1 with Pediatricians worldwide
    • 2 year warranty

The Braun ThermoScan IR Ear Thermometer is packaged in a clear blister pack. Contains 1 ThermoScan Thermometer unit, 1 Protective Cap, 21 Disposable Lens Filters and 2 Alkaline Batteries.

How to Use the Braun ThermoScan

    1. To achieve accurate readings, make sure a new, clean lens filter is in place before each measurement.


    1. Push the ‘start’ button. Wait for the ready signal beep and the ready symbol in the display.


    1. Fit the probe snugly into the ear canal, then push the ‘start’ button.


    1. If the probe has been positioned securely into the ear canal, a long beep will signal the end of the measuring process. Remove the thermometer and read the result on the display. If not, the thermometer will indicate the problem on the display – consult the instruction manual for more detail.

What is normal body temperature?

Normal body temperature is unique to each individual and itranges from 34.8 C to 38.0 C, depending on the body site where the temperature is taken.
This normal range is influenced by many factors such as physical activity, but it also varies throughout the day. The normal temperature range tends to decrease with age. To define your and your family members normal temperature, measure temperature several times throughout a day when you and your family are healthy. These temperatures can be then compared to readings in case of suspected fever.

Special features

ExacTemp technology – Professional Accuracy
Unique pre-warmed tip heats up when thermometer is turned on, helping more accurately measure the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue.


Feedback System for correct positioning
Cofirms with a light and a beep when you have taken an accurate measurement – no more guessing. 

The Braun IR ThermoScan Ear Thermometer also signals if the thermometer is not securely or correctly placed.

Fast & Gentle
Measures temperature in just one second. Features a soft, flexible tip for added comfort, especially good with babies.

The large LCD display makes the temperature easy to read.


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