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Nidek TONOREF II Tonometer

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Nidek TONOREF II Tonometer



The TonoRef II is NIDEK’s 2nd generation 3-in-1 pretesting instrument with combined autorefractor, autokeratometer, and Non-Contact Tonometer functionality bundled into one compact, easy to use instrument.

The TonoRef II features the Pupil Zone Measuring Method which expands the refraction measurement area from 2 mm up to 4 mm in diameter, depending on the patient's pupil size, to get the most accurate measurement. It also uses a Super Luminescent Diode which uses a sharper, clearer measurement ring to penetrate cataracts and IOLs in the objective measurement process.

The Non-Contact Tonometer component of the TonoRef II features the same Automatic Puff Control (APC) that is standard in the stand alone NCTs from NIDEK. The APC reduces the noise and the puff level during measurement to make the process easy for all patients.

The TonoRef II also features 3D Alignment to make measurements simple for even new operators. Simply align the head with the patient's eye and the TonoRef II will take over: tracking the patient's eye until optimal positioning is achieved and acquisition is triggered.

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