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Topcon KR-8100PA Auto Kerato-Refractometer

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We Sell Topcon KR-8100PA Auto Kerato-Refractometer

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Topcon KR-8100PA

Topcon KR-8100PA Auto Kerato-Refractometer


Model KR-8100PA
Refraction measurement range
Hyperopia: 0 to +22D/0.25Dstep display (0.12D step display selectable)
Myopia: 0 to -22D/0.25Dstep display (0.12D step display selectable)
Astigmatism: 0 to ±8D/0.25Dstep display (0.12D step display selectable)
Axial: 0 to 180° (displays 1 to 180°), /1°step display(5°step selectable)
Corneal curvature measurement range
Curvature radius: 5.00 to 10.00mm
Sphere power: 67.50 to 33.75D 0.25Dstep display (0.12D step display selectable)(with cornea reflective index=1.3375)
Cylinder power: 0 to ±10D 0.25Dstep display (0.12D step display selectable)
Axis : 0 to 180° (Display 1 to 180°)/1°step display(5°step selectable)
Mapping measurement range Corneal curvature radius: 5.00 to 10.00mm
Corneal refractive index: 67.50 to 33.75D (with cornea reflective index=1.3375)
Measurement range: 1.5 to 9.2mm dia. (with cornea curvature radius=8mm)
Measurable minimum pupil diameter 2.0mm dia.
Target fixation Auto fogging
Auto-start function Yes
Automatic alignment function Yes
Display of measurement value Displayed on monitor screen
Recording of measurement value Internal printer
Collimation Displayed on monitor screen
Monitor display 5-inch type
PD measurement range Max 85mm,Measurement range (1mm step)
External output terminal RS232C,Video output
Base travel Forward/backward 40mm, Right/left 86mm, Up/down 30mm
Source voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 160VA
Dimensions 275(W) × 475(D) × 500(H)mm
Weight 21kg

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